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We are currently finalizing our re-opening plan in compliance with WorkSafe BC. Safety standards for both students and staff will be implimented due COVID-19 pandemic.  Both students and staff must agree to the safety etiquette prior to and during the camp. Further information will be posted in the next few days. Thank you for your patience.


Registration - FALL 2020

Mondays 4 - 6pm - SINGING CLUB - TEEN PROGRAM - Welcome to the 90’s

Ages 11-15

Start date: Monday, October 5th

Program Concludes: December 14th

Max registrants: 10  Cost: $250


This program focuses on mainstream music from the present to the past. The objective to this program is to develop over all singing technique and performance stamina. Sessions include discussion of genre, history and artist development and all things performance related. Performers will select songs based on the chosen theme and prepare to sing on stage with a live band at the end of the program. Due to the nature of the circumstance on the planet this event will be filmed/and or live streamed with a professional crew. ( we will keep everyone updated as we work through the coming weeks)   

Mondays 6 -7:30pm - TEEN MUSICAL MASH-UP

Ages 11-14

Start date: Monday, October 5th

Program Concludes: December 14th

Max registrants: 10 Cost: $250

* students who sign up for Singing Club will receive a 20% discount on this program.


We will be trying something new with this program. Students who participate in this opportunity will focus on popular numbers from chosen musicals and rehearse them to film the project music video style. Full costume, props, make-up and film crew etc will be used to create the finished product. This opportunity will be similar to our summer Broadway Blitz program but have a grander conclusion to the project. We are super excited about this one. Musical theatre meets Film.



Ages 6-11

Start date: Tuesday, October 6th ( 9 weeks)

Program concludes December 1st ( unless we start late)

Max registrants: 10 Cost: $250


Musical Mash-up is designed for performers who like to sing and dance!

Participants will focus on two to three musical numbers from popular

Musicals by adding full costumes, dialogue and choreographed dance numbers to their pieces.

Participants will learn theatre terminology, be physical, use their voices and have a lot of fun along the way.

We had great success with this program this summer and look forward to continuing this opportunity.

We register on a first come, first serve basis. $75 deposit due upon registration.


Aug 4-7th - Ages 6-11

Tuesday - JUNGLE BOOK re-launch - 4 - 5:30pm

Ages 6-11 ( we are accepting new registration for this program as well welcoming back those who want to return to the project)

Start date: Tuesday, October 13th - Filming of this project will be held during the week of Jan 25th. Filming and production details to be announced as we work out the details.

Max Registrants: 15 Cost: $350

We are gearing up to re-launch this production from earlier this year. We welcome back the past students but know that not everyone will be ready to return. That being said we will welcome new students to the project. We will give the past students first chance at registering then open it up to new friends as we see fit. We have a film crew secured for a week late in Jan to professionally capture the show, however, if the the restrictions lift by Jan we will plan to rent a theatre. This is a beginner level program that includes acting, singing and dancing.

** Actors who sign up for our INTRO TO KIDS ACTING ( right after JungleBook) will receive 20% discount on the program fee. 

Tuesday - 5:45-6:45 - Intro to Kids Acting ( 8 weeks)

Ages 8-11

Max Registrants: 10  Cost: $170

Start date: Tuesday October 13th 

This session is for the actor who doesn’t want to perform. There will be no final presentation in this

Class. Actors will engage in theatre sports, improv scenes, work on a series of small scripts ,develop imagination skills, team work, confidence and more. It’s a great way to explore acting without the pressure. Everyone welcome.



!0 students Max


July 20th-31st -Ages 11-14
Musical Mash-Up


Aug 17th-21st - Ages 6-11

Wednesday & Sunday - Little Mermaid RE-Launch - MAINSTAGE - LIMITED SPACE as of Sept 14

Ages 6-11

Mermaid start date: Wednesday Sept 30th (3:30-6:30pm)

There will be two rehearsal time slots for both Wednesday and Sunday. Once we know who is attending we will set the schedule.

Wed (3:30-5pm A) (5-6:30pm B)

Sun (11:30-1:30pm A) (1:30-3:30 B)

Our mainstage shows are our biggest productions. These shows have had big casts and big production value. During this season we are re-launching the show that was cancelled mid rehearsal due to the current pandemic. We are operating differently at this time until restrictions are lifted. We look

forward to the program returning to its normal schedule.  

* We welcome new students

** This production is scheduled to be filmed in the week of Jan 25th. That schedule is to be determined as we navigate a new way to operate. If restrictions lift we will plan to perform in a theatre. We are looking forward with the new artistic challenges where theatre meets film. 

Tuition: $500

Singing Club - Musical Theme



Ages 11-14

Interview/Audition Dates: Sept 28th, 29th & 30th. A date will be set once registration is received.

Rehearsal Schedule will be as follows:

Thurs (3:30-5pm SHOW A) (5-6:30pm SHOW B)  - Sunday - (3:30-5 SHOW A) (5-6:30 SHOW B)

Everyone who registers will come in for a short, one on one, low key interview/audition. Based on that audition you will be placed in ONE of the shows that we will be producing this fall. We will block and rehearse the show differently as we plan to film the production with a crew in late January. Each show will have a max of 12-14 actors and we will be accepting new students. At this time the Lion King will be challenging without a proper theatrical venue to perform in. Our team is excited to have the opportunity to bring theatre and film together.  

*** The shows we are looking at producing this fall are: Into the Woods, Mulan and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors ***

Tuition: $500





6-8pm Evening Rehearsal - Everyone Welcome!

Ages 6-10, 11-16

12 students MAX

Wednesday  or Thursday Evenings - $325

Students must be able to play basic chords

and have an understanding of their instrument.

This program will intake the following: 

Guitar( 4 max), Vocals (2), Bass (2),

Drums(2), Keys (2) 

Further info to be posted on this program

please contact us for further info. 

This is a low key opportunity

to learn how to be in a band.

STARTING OCTOBER 21st !! Message for details
and we will send you the requirements. 
July 6-10th - Ages 6-11
Musical Meyhem

Registration - FALL 2020

All programs subject to change

as we work through a new way 

to operate. We are excited about returning. More information and new policies to be posted soon.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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